After a long stretch of continuous rainy days, we’ve had a couple days of sun. A welcome relief!  But,I feel like such a whiner, when back home in Maryland, they got between 3 & 9 inches of SNOW !!  Way early for that stuff. It was heavy & wet & there were alot of power outages due to lines & trees down.

Dudley continues to hobble around, poor thing. And, we can’t remove the protective collar, because, as soon as it’s off, he goes right for the splint & tries to rip it off! We have an appointment @ the vet hospital Thursday for him to be seen. I’m hoping they @ least change the splint on the operative leg-it smells awful & is grungy! I wouldn’t be surprised if he did the same darn thing as before, jump from yard to road again. The other day, he went right back to the edge & was looking-I’m sure if someone had been walking by, he would’ve gone after them.

Every Friday morning, there is a feria, or farm market, downtown. One can buy all sorts of things, from produce, meat, baked goods, underwear, to plants & cut flowers. The produce is locally grown & cheaper than that in the grocery stores. So, we usually go with our market bag & list. Along with the usual things, we bought corn on the cob this week. It looked good, nicely filled-out, no worms, but when cooked, it was tasteless-what a disappointment. I’d love some Maryland sweet corn about now.

I sure don’t miss winter in the States!


Welcome to our world!

Welcome to our world, Costa Rica!

This is my entry to the blogging world, so expect mistakes! Hopefully it won’t be anything monumental…

Steve, my manfriend, & I have been in Costa Rica since last December. We rented a casita ( a small house) about 5 Km from the town of Atenas. It’s in an area called the Central Valley & is southwest of San José, the capital of Costa Rica. We’re up in the mountains a ways, so it’s cooler than SJ.

There are 2 seasons in Costa Rica-summer(May-October), is the dry season when there is very little rain, & winter(November-April), when it usually rains every day. Right now, it’s been raining for 9 straight days! We’ve had something like 30-some inches in just this 9 days! The creeks are raging & there are waterfalls everywhere. But, everything is so green, as many shades of green that you can imagine. And everything is growing, one can almost see the vegetation grow! I just have to keep reminding myself-I don’t have to shovel rain!!!

We have 3 dogs, 2 Jack Russell’s & a mixed-breed Tico rescue adoption. Duke, Dama, & Dudley. 12 muddy paws, in & out all day!

That’s it to start. Now to see what I’m supposed to do next…