Welcome to our world!

Welcome to our world, Costa Rica!

This is my entry to the blogging world, so expect mistakes! Hopefully it won’t be anything monumental…

Steve, my manfriend, & I have been in Costa Rica since last December. We rented a casita ( a small house) about 5 Km from the town of Atenas. It’s in an area called the Central Valley & is southwest of San José, the capital of Costa Rica. We’re up in the mountains a ways, so it’s cooler than SJ.

There are 2 seasons in Costa Rica-summer(May-October), is the dry season when there is very little rain, & winter(November-April), when it usually rains every day. Right now, it’s been raining for 9 straight days! We’ve had something like 30-some inches in just this 9 days! The creeks are raging & there are waterfalls everywhere. But, everything is so green, as many shades of green that you can imagine. And everything is growing, one can almost see the vegetation grow! I just have to keep reminding myself-I don’t have to shovel rain!!!

We have 3 dogs, 2 Jack Russell’s & a mixed-breed Tico rescue adoption. Duke, Dama, & Dudley. 12 muddy paws, in & out all day!

That’s it to start. Now to see what I’m supposed to do next…


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