Immigration & Chili

On Monday, we went to Immigration for an 11AM appointment to get Steve’s cedula. (that’s his Pensionado visa) Our lawyer met us there & we waited… & waited… For 2 1/2 hours!! But, @ the end  all was completed with little fuss, once we got in to see someone. It’ll be mailed to our local post office, so @ least we won’t have to go back there to pick it up

Now, we just have to wait for mine to be done. Then, we’ll make another appointment to wait again. But,next time, I’m taking a sweater (it was freezing in there!!) & a book!

I think we’ve assembled all the ingredients we need for the chili preparation. Steve plans to make it on Friday . We’ll have to put it in bags to keep it cool & have borrowed 2 big coolers for this. It would have never have fit into our refrigerator. So, we’ll be buying bags of ice between Friday & Sunday!

Our Spanish class went well today. We’re reading children’s books & it’s alot more interesting than doing grammer lessons. Sometimes,we actually remember what we’ve learned in the past lessons, plus we learn new words in the stories. We’ll have to change the time again,though. Suggested, was to start earlier @ 9:30AM. The class is supposed to start @ 10AM & end @ 12 noon for those who want to attend the weekly Wednesday Women’s Lunch @ 12:30PM. Well, by the time everyone straggles in, it’s after 10, & it takes awhile for everyone to finish their conversations,questions,etc. @ the end of the class. So, we don’t leave until 12:15 or 12:30, later than requested. So,we’ll give 9:30 a try. We’ll see.


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