To Osa & Back

Friends here in Atenas have a house in the Osa Peninsula that they rent. (the Osa is in the south of Costa Rica,on the Pacific, & is less developed than the rest of the country) We went with another couple for a week last week, & returned to Atenas Monday.

Had a great time. There are so many birds & creatures that are found nowhere else. The house is on a tributary of the Sierpe River, which empties into the Pacific. So, the river has high & low tides, & crocodiles! In fact,one afternoon, we saw a crocodile eat a vulture that was on the riverbank across from us!! It came up a couple times-Chomp, chomp!!

We went to 2 beaches, both very different from each other. One had a regular beach, very few people, & nice swimming. (it had few people because it was difficult to reach!!) The other was more of an estuary, with the combination of fresh & salt water, & even had blue crabs, like the Chesapeake Bay, & the surf was very far away.

It was very hot & humid, some mornings with not a breath of a breeze. For me, a great place to visit, but wouldn’t want to live there.

We took a 3-hour boat tour on the Sierpe River. Very interesting with a good guide. We all took alot of pictures-saw birds, monkeys, snakes (in the trees!), crocodiles, & a cayman (small crocodile-type thing).

Steve cooked most evenings, but we did eat out some. Found a great US-style restaurant, with the best steak we’ve had in Costa Rica. Went there twice-Roadhouse 169.

I like visiting other areas of Costa Rica, & hope to visit more after our return from the US.


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  1. Abby
    Apr 20, 2012 @ 07:42:54

    Hi there!! I’m so glad to see your blog! It’s great Jo Ann! I look forward to more entries. (Note to self: avoid crocodiles, snakes, and poisonous spiders whilst in Costa Rica). 😀 ~Abby


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