Saturday AM

It’s Saturday-the weed-whacker grass cutting starts at 6AM, also the house construction in the next lot. Hammering, sawing, singing,& yelling back & forth! Of course, the dogs see the guy next door with the weed-whacker & have to bark at him! Lots of dust everyday, too.

The weather people say that the rainy season hasn’t started yet, but it’s rained almost every day this month. Wouldn’t be so bad if the yard was all grass,but there are alot of places nothing has ever filled-in, & it’s dirt/mud. So, the dogs go out & dirt comes in! Steve helps with the mopping (& thank Heaven houses here have tile floors,NO CARPET !!!), so we just make note that at such& such a time, the floor was clean!

Speaking of dogs, Dudley was stung by something about a month ago & his whole face swelled.  (all the dogs try to eat every bug they see!) No breathing problems, thankfully. He was better with a dose of Benadryl, which we had , & one dose of Prednisone,which we bought over the counter at the pharmacy. (photo attached) And, while we were away, Duke killed a bufo frog, which are poisonous to dogs! Our house-sitter, Ana, rinsed out his mouth with milk & lemon juice. No apparent ill effects, thankfully again.

It was nice to see all our friends at Bible study & Wednesday church again. Tonight we’re going to a big bonfire at our friends’, Al & Clara’s, house. They had a wall built & cut down alot of trees, therefore a big pile of wood to burn. So,we’ll cook hot dogs & make S’mores. Hopefully it won’t rain.


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