Luckily,it didn’t rain at all yesterday, & the bonfire went as planned yesterday evening. Lots of old dry wood & a roaring fire. We brought Lay’s potato chips (tasted so-o-o good!!! we try not to buy snack food) , friend Helen brought hot dogs, the Lucas family brought soda, Carolina chili, & stuff for s’mores, & Al & Clara supplied everything else. We had such a nice time.

Why is it that hot dogs taste so much better cooked outside or at a baseball game?! I ate 2 !!

We sat around the fire & just told stories. It’s always interesting to hear other people’s stories.

Al’s cousin, Eileen, is visiting from New York until Thursday. She’s a widow  & it’s her first trip here.

We went to church this morning-standing room only! It was good to see everyone again. They are such warm people-& it was really hot in there, so doubly-warm! Next Sunday is the annual oxcart parade, so we’re looking forward to that. Plus, that’ll be our last Sunday there until we return in July or August.


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