Trip to Los Lagos

Yesterday, we took a trip to Los Lagos with our Canadian friends & a Tica friend. Los Lagos is a hotel/spa near the Arenal volcano,that has thermal pools. Arenal is no longer active- it’s last eruption was 1968 & it had smoke & lava flow until 2010. There are many hotels in that area & many spas & thermal pools. (Turrialba is the most active volcano in Costa Rica @ the present & it’s south of us.) Arenal is northwest of us.

That part of the country is another area with different climate, vegetation, & crops. It’s a big milk-producing area & grows alot of tropical plants for exportation & vegetables. They get much more rain than the central valley where we are & it’s considered part of a cloud forest. At a higher elevation, it tends to be chilly & foggy with low cloud cover. Driving through,it’s very green & one sees a variety of flowering plants & bushes that we don’t see around Atenas.

Los Lagos has a butterfly area, frog area, & crocodile pools. The butterfly area was lovely,with alot of different butterflies all over,plus some hummingbirds. Couldn’t see much in the frog place, they hide most of the time.

It did rain some, not hard & lasted maybe 15 minutes or so. We found some large-leafed shelter spots & didn’t get very wet.

The thermal pools are so relaxing. The hottest is about 110 degrees F, according to Steve. They have quite a few pools of varying temperatures, some right next to each other, so one can easily go from one to another. If one is too hot or not hot enough,you can just try another. There weren’t many people there, so we had most of the pools to ourselves.

Another high point-piña colada in a pineapple with a cherry & a little umbrella!!!


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