Ropa Americana

Today we went to the town of Grecia with our Canadian friends. Grecia is a larger town than Atenas & is very busy, with lots of stores, restaurants, & traffic. And, like most towns in CR, it has alot of one-way streets. You have to look at the arrows painted on the road (if they’re not worn off!) or see the sign “no hay paso”. You can’t tell by the parked cars, because,unlike the US, where you’ll be ticketed for it, they park on both sides headed in either direction!

We went to a store called “Ropa Americana” (means American clothes). It’s previously-owned/donated clothes for men, women, & children from various sources. There are huge bags that are dumped in a large area, & people (mostly women) sort through to get things they want. You can be given a bag of your own to sort through & you just pull things out & either keep things,or throw them on the pile. People are very nice while sorting,with no yelling,pulling,or fighting with each other. You get to know what others are looking for & throw things their way if they might like it, & they’ll do the same for you. It was actually alot of fun!! Steve even got a bag to sort through! In this area, the items are 400 colones apiece,or about 80 cents. You just put everything you want in a plastic bag & take it to the cashier. They have a couple other sections with clothes on hangers-these are a little more expensive,but still not much. Just like alot of thrift stores, not everything is in good condition, but some things still have tags on them from high-end US & Canadian stores. Apparently,alot depends on what comes in on that particular day.

We rewarded ourselves for all the money we saved by eating at a good Chinese restaurant afterward. Our friends fly back to Canada Monday, & we go back to the US Tuesday. Alot to do between now & then, but it’ll all be done eventually. We’re going to the beach tomorrow.


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