Doña Ana Beach

We had a couple of beautiful days this week, sunny, no humidity, windy. Great for drying clothes & opening the windows. Then,yesterday & the day before, were overcast & rainy, with more of the same predicted for the next several days. Anyway, our Canadian friends are leaving Monday & won’t return until December. So, they wanted to go to the beach one last time. Even though it was raining off & on, we went to the beach yesterday morning.

Surprisingly enough, there were quite a few people there. A group of English-speakers & several Tico families. Luckily, we found an empty roofed table, so our stuff stayed dry. Everyone but me went into the water-I like to go in when it’s hot, not just to get in. I had a book to read, so I was content  just to be outside, hearing the surf.

One of the beach cats, a pretty calico,spent almost the whole time with me, so that made me happy,too. (I’ll be glad to see my Maryland cats again soon.) There are 3 or 4 cats & several dogs that usually come around at the beach. They’re all well-behaved, wait to see if some kind soul will give them a little food, & don’t look too skinny (maybe they belong to someone & just stop by, no collars & no way to tell) Unlike the street dogs in Nicaragua, who are pitifully skinny, & to whom you want to give your whole meal!! This is the friendliest I’ve seen any of the cats there.

So, we all had our last beach visit for awhile. They & we will be packing for our respective flights north.


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