Packing for the US

Packing, packing, packing… What to take? Not only for the stay in Maryland, but the 3-month motorcycle trip. Plus,I’m taking back some clothes & shoes I haven’t worn here. If I haven’t needed them by now,I doubt that I will. Quite a few things for Salvation Army.

We had a hummingbird in the kitchen this morning. I was in the bedroom & heard the dogs carrying-on.  Went out to the kitchen & at first I thought it was a butterfly in the window. But it was a poor hummingbird, trying to find the way out! Poor thing! I was able to pick it up with a crumpled paper towel & carried it outside. It flew away without any apparent injury. I was just glad it managed to evade the dogs!

The taxi is set to pick us up at 4AM tomorrow morning (!!!). Friends offered to take us to the airport,but we couldn’t see asking someone to do it that early. Originally,we were on a later flight,but United changed us to this one. We will NEVER fly United again (unless absolutely necessary,I guess). They have screwed-up our flights several times & we’ve had to check on-line every couple weeks to check. The last several times they’ve scheduled us for a second leg that leaves before the first flight arrives!!! We’ve had to call United each time to have it corrected. Best of luck with that merger! We’ll schedule with TACA from now on-they actually give passengers a meal!! and free drinks!!! Plus,their flights change in El Salvador-it’s a small airport & you don’t have to sprint to the other side of  a huge place like Houston to get to your next flight.

We have a couple errands to do in town this afternoon, then we’ll have time to relax this evening. Finish laundry,finish packing.


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