Ready, Set, Go !!!

It has been such a busy week! Steve managed to get the trailer hitch fastened onto the motorcycle. Wasn’t easy,though, because the instructions,even though written in English,were as vague as any I’ve ever seen! Plus,parts had to be cut down & holes re-drilled. He’s tenacious, though, & will work at something until it’s right.

Then the trailer was delivered Monday. It had to be assembled-good thing we work well together! I am used to putting things together & was the assembler when I was married, so this was familiar territory for me. But…there were electrical problems. We needed to take it to a professional to finish. This ended-up taking lots of time & multiple trips to several parts of Hagerstown! The lights kept blowing fuses for unknown reasons. Just this morning,a smart guy @ Twigg’s (the motorcycle place in Hagerstown-might as well give them a plug!!) figured-out that a bolt was pinching a wire underneath. Yikes!!! Finally!!! We were getting down to the wire here! And we still had to pack the thing-what to take??? I’m a terrible packer & always take too much. Not much room on a motorcycle, so @ least we have the trailer & I am not quite so limited.

Oh yes,so then, the state of Maryland gets involved!!! You know they have to wring every last cent out of their residents, so this little trailer has to be titled, tagged & registered-to the tune of  $325!!!!!!!!! But you know, if we took a chance & didn’t register/tag it, we probably would’ve been stopped numerous times throughout the country & the fines would’ve exceeded what we paid here. Like Roseanne Roseannadanna (sp?)(Gilda Radner on the old & wonderful original SNL) used to say, “it’s always somethin'”!

So, we are planning to leave tomorrow morning, heading to North Jersey to Steve’s cousins’ place,where we’ll spend tomorrow afternoon & night. And, I think they’re taking us to NYC-neat!! Then,on to Quebec Sunday.

We’ll update our blogs when we can. We’re just taking Steve’s computer & hopefully will have frequent computer access.

Adios & love to all, hasta luego (until later). (I do have to continue practicing my Spanish!!)


Getting Ready for the Grand Motorcycle Adventure

It’s Wednesday,& we’re gathering supplies for a start on Saturday for our Grand Motorcycle Adventure. First stop-North Jersey at the home of Steve’s cousins. Sunday we’ll head for Canada. Right now,our tent is set up in the backyard to air-out,also the sleeping bags. So, we’ll hope for another warm,sunny day tomorrow.

In the beginning, Steve said we would camp-out occasionally,to save money. Now,our supplies include a campstove,utensils, more camping supplies than originally intended. Just for “my morning coffee” per Steve… hmmm!

Luckily,Steve & his youngest daughter camped out along the C&O canal path Saturday night-they tried out the new tent Steve ordered. Good thing! They found out it was very small!! Just enough room for 2 people,sleeping head-to-toe! Good for backpacking, not for an extended trip with a trailer. We wouldn’t  even had had enough room to put our clothes inside! So,we’re taking the older,larger, one-thus requiring an airing-out.

Tomorrow we’re going to visit Steve’s former landlady & also one of his nieces & her daughter. Friday will be packing day (or,how much of my stuff can I take?!!)

Good luck to us all!!!Image

MHSN Get-together

Saturday I took a drive to New Jersey for a get-together with my nursing school friends. It was a 3-hour drive each way & there was quite a bit of traffic,especially on I95. I hadn’t reckoned with almost-summer traffic on the interstates. It also ended-up to be fairly expensive regarding toll charges. I’m going to check the GPS as to travel time both on & off toll roads. (and thank Heaven for our GPS’s!!! I don’t even question her anymore,I just go wherever she says!)

There were 9 classmates there & one that started with us & graduated later. One is a widow, a couple divorced & single, but most are still married to their original spouse. Most are retired themselves & are now dealing with newly retired spouses.

We had a lovely afternoon catching-up on what’s been happening in each other’s lives. Several are dealing with chronic health issues,both with themselves &/or their spouses, diabetes being the most common,& arthritis.

Our class started with 38 & we graduated 20. Hard to believe it’s been almost 50 years since we met each other!! We started in 1963 & graduated in 1966.It was a 3-year hospital diploma program, difficult at the time,but we came out with invaluable experience.

We’ve already talked about our next get-together, whenever I get back  to the US from Costa Rica.

As for Steve & me,  we leave Saturday on our motorcycle adventure! (Lord willin’ & the creek don’t rise!!!)

US-week 2

Still here in Maryland. We’re gathering supplies for our motorcycle trip, which involves multiple trips to a number of stores & mail order items. We still plan to leave a week from this coming Saturday, May 12th.

We’ve been visiting with family & friends. Abby, Steve’s middle daughter, & her boyfriend, Aaron were here this weekend. Steve took Aaron fishing on the Potomac River Saturday night. They had a great time & caught (& released!) 7 catfish. Abby & I both insisted we wanted no catfish here-the big ones aren’t that good when cooked,plus they make noises!!!

My nursing school friends’ get-together is Saturday, so I’ll be in NJ for the day. I’ll bake cookies Friday to take along. Looking forward to seeing everyone again. We always have a good time catching-up.

There are still a few things left to do around the house,but it’s been chilly & rainy,so I’m not spending much time outside! (just like CR now, but not as warm!!!)

Back in the US

We’re back in Maryland now after a relatively uneventful flight. We were herded like animals, treated like second-class citizens, but the flights were on time. Never again will we fly United (unless absolutely necessary, I guess!!).

Things around the house needed some work, so we’ve been slowly catching-up here. Weeding the front & back yards, cleaning-up out there. My car needed a new battery (after finding it dead twice!), so Steve was able to change it for me. He also changed the “innards” of the downstairs toilet. It’s so nice to have a handy man around!!!

I was going to put the summer furniture & umbrella out on the patio,but my cousin doesn’t know yet whether she’ll be staying here again after she goes back to work. She will either continue to stay at her sister’s house or move in with her fiance. If she changes her mind, she knows where everything is & can do it then.

A former co-worker has cats & I asked her to ask her cat-loving friends if they knew anyone that would take my cats. I feel they need more attention than they’ve been getting. They like being around people. They did OK with just being checked-on, but it’s not an ideal situation.

We’re getting things ready for our big motorcycle trip,buying things, actually! Plus, Steve has to get used to the bigger bike again. After the little CR motorcycle, this one feels like a truck!! And it’s so much faster! He’s ordered a trailer for the bike, so we’ll be more comfortable & be able to take camping things along. Plus, we’ll be able to secure our belongings if we stop somewhere along the way to sightsee.

We ate out with my aunt the other night & we’ll be seeing friends & family this weekend. I think Steve plans to go fishing this evening with a friend. He bought chicken livers to use for catfish on the Potomac-I’ll pass, thanks!

As much as I like Costa Rica, it’s good to be back in the US for awhile.