Back in the US

We’re back in Maryland now after a relatively uneventful flight. We were herded like animals, treated like second-class citizens, but the flights were on time. Never again will we fly United (unless absolutely necessary, I guess!!).

Things around the house needed some work, so we’ve been slowly catching-up here. Weeding the front & back yards, cleaning-up out there. My car needed a new battery (after finding it dead twice!), so Steve was able to change it for me. He also changed the “innards” of the downstairs toilet. It’s so nice to have a handy man around!!!

I was going to put the summer furniture & umbrella out on the patio,but my cousin doesn’t know yet whether she’ll be staying here again after she goes back to work. She will either continue to stay at her sister’s house or move in with her fiance. If she changes her mind, she knows where everything is & can do it then.

A former co-worker has cats & I asked her to ask her cat-loving friends if they knew anyone that would take my cats. I feel they need more attention than they’ve been getting. They like being around people. They did OK with just being checked-on, but it’s not an ideal situation.

We’re getting things ready for our big motorcycle trip,buying things, actually! Plus, Steve has to get used to the bigger bike again. After the little CR motorcycle, this one feels like a truck!! And it’s so much faster! He’s ordered a trailer for the bike, so we’ll be more comfortable & be able to take camping things along. Plus, we’ll be able to secure our belongings if we stop somewhere along the way to sightsee.

We ate out with my aunt the other night & we’ll be seeing friends & family this weekend. I think Steve plans to go fishing this evening with a friend. He bought chicken livers to use for catfish on the Potomac-I’ll pass, thanks!

As much as I like Costa Rica, it’s good to be back in the US for awhile.


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