MHSN Get-together

Saturday I took a drive to New Jersey for a get-together with my nursing school friends. It was a 3-hour drive each way & there was quite a bit of traffic,especially on I95. I hadn’t reckoned with almost-summer traffic on the interstates. It also ended-up to be fairly expensive regarding toll charges. I’m going to check the GPS as to travel time both on & off toll roads. (and thank Heaven for our GPS’s!!! I don’t even question her anymore,I just go wherever she says!)

There were 9 classmates there & one that started with us & graduated later. One is a widow, a couple divorced & single, but most are still married to their original spouse. Most are retired themselves & are now dealing with newly retired spouses.

We had a lovely afternoon catching-up on what’s been happening in each other’s lives. Several are dealing with chronic health issues,both with themselves &/or their spouses, diabetes being the most common,& arthritis.

Our class started with 38 & we graduated 20. Hard to believe it’s been almost 50 years since we met each other!! We started in 1963 & graduated in 1966.It was a 3-year hospital diploma program, difficult at the time,but we came out with invaluable experience.

We’ve already talked about our next get-together, whenever I get back  to the US from Costa Rica.

As for Steve & me,  we leave Saturday on our motorcycle adventure! (Lord willin’ & the creek don’t rise!!!)


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