Ready, Set, Go !!!

It has been such a busy week! Steve managed to get the trailer hitch fastened onto the motorcycle. Wasn’t easy,though, because the instructions,even though written in English,were as vague as any I’ve ever seen! Plus,parts had to be cut down & holes re-drilled. He’s tenacious, though, & will work at something until it’s right.

Then the trailer was delivered Monday. It had to be assembled-good thing we work well together! I am used to putting things together & was the assembler when I was married, so this was familiar territory for me. But…there were electrical problems. We needed to take it to a professional to finish. This ended-up taking lots of time & multiple trips to several parts of Hagerstown! The lights kept blowing fuses for unknown reasons. Just this morning,a smart guy @ Twigg’s (the motorcycle place in Hagerstown-might as well give them a plug!!) figured-out that a bolt was pinching a wire underneath. Yikes!!! Finally!!! We were getting down to the wire here! And we still had to pack the thing-what to take??? I’m a terrible packer & always take too much. Not much room on a motorcycle, so @ least we have the trailer & I am not quite so limited.

Oh yes,so then, the state of Maryland gets involved!!! You know they have to wring every last cent out of their residents, so this little trailer has to be titled, tagged & registered-to the tune of  $325!!!!!!!!! But you know, if we took a chance & didn’t register/tag it, we probably would’ve been stopped numerous times throughout the country & the fines would’ve exceeded what we paid here. Like Roseanne Roseannadanna (sp?)(Gilda Radner on the old & wonderful original SNL) used to say, “it’s always somethin'”!

So, we are planning to leave tomorrow morning, heading to North Jersey to Steve’s cousins’ place,where we’ll spend tomorrow afternoon & night. And, I think they’re taking us to NYC-neat!! Then,on to Quebec Sunday.

We’ll update our blogs when we can. We’re just taking Steve’s computer & hopefully will have frequent computer access.

Adios & love to all, hasta luego (until later). (I do have to continue practicing my Spanish!!)


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  1. abby
    May 20, 2012 @ 07:52:05

    Glad you guys got the bike and trailer working together! Always had faith–you two make a good team. 🙂


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