North American Tour-Day 4 & 5

We stayed overnight in Matawa. We just made it through the highway in the nick of time. There had been an accident along the road previously with one car still present. Well, after we went past, there was a police chase with a fatality & the road was considered a crime scene. So, the Canadian police completely closed the road for hours!! There was a line of cars, trucks, & even a Grayhound bus! They all had to wait until sometime during the night when they reopened the road. Lucky break for us!


Day 5

On the road again to the Temiscaming area of Quebec-this is wa-a-a-ay up north-not much other than trees & lakes. Stopped for groceries & lunch before proceeding. Then another distance on dirt & gravel roads.  As we got closer to the camp, there were downed branches & trees that had to be cut so the truck could pass by. There were big clippers & a chain saw in the truck. Problem-this necessitated getting OUT of the truck! (an aside-Canada, as well as many other parts of the country, experienced an early Spring. Many trees & bushes were flowering much earlier than usual. Also early, were the BUGS!!! Flies, mosquitoes, other nasty things that bit & drew blood! These creatures are relentless, getting into ears, eyes, hair, & biting, biting, biting!!! An absolutely necessary article of clothing is a bug suit-net covering head, face, upper body, & arms. One must also tuck pants into socks. ) The bug suits were packed in the truck somewhere & were unavailable until we got to the camp & unpacked everything. So, we were all covered in bug bites. I had areas that itched constantly for 3 days! And, I ended-up with swollen lymph glands on the back of my neck-I’ve never seen anything like these Canadian monsters!

Anyway, we arrived @ camp & unloaded everything. Quite a process. There are propane tanks for the gas stove, a pump for water delivery to the living area, a generator for electricity, things to get out, things to put away. Very involved & time-consuming. No time for fishing today.

the road to camp

Steve & I in our bug suits


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  1. Rebecca Hackworth
    Jun 09, 2012 @ 14:50:55

    Enjoying your blog. One thing I like about England is no biting bugs!


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