North American Tour- Day 6 through 14

The next week & a half were spent in the fishing camp. There was an indoor toilet, salvaged from an RV, running water & a gas stove/oven. Water was heated on the stove to wash dishes & for occasional sponge baths. Steve did help me wash my hair one day after I couldn’t stand it any longer!!! No laundry facilities!

We slept in one room, in sleeping bags, on mattresses. It was warm & sunny most of the time, rained one night,getting chilly the last couple days. There was a wood stove inside & we did have a fire when it got cold.

We fished everyday, most of the time together in one boat. Once, the couples fished by ourselves, & a couple times the men went out without the women. Fishing was done in the afternoons, coming back to camp around 7 or 8 @ night. Everybody caught fish-I caught just one. I almost had 2 more, but they were lost getting them into the net. There was another big something that bent my fishing pole, snapped the line, & escaped, lure & all. Of course, during said excitement, I was being yelled instructions by 3 other people-to be honest, if it hadn’t been borrowed equipment, I would have let the fish take it all, pole & everything!!

I like to eat fish & meat, but the whole catching & killing aspect makes me uneasy. I hated seeing the fish gasp & try to get away. Steve tends to catch & release if he can get the hook out easily. Our friends freeze all they catch & take it home with them.

The whole time we were in Canada, I saw neither moose nor bear. Steve saw a young bear when it ran across the road in front of his 4-wheeler. I did see moose & bear tracks & “scat” (woodsmen word for poop!!).

Steve learned to drive the 4-wheelers. I had no desire to do so. They really throw you around, but can go over almost anything & through mud & water. I just bounced along on the back.

Packing-up to leave is just about as involved as unpacking! Everything was reversed-things were put away, disassembled, packed into the truck & trailer. But the return trip was made in just one day-took about 12 hours.

The first shower was wonderful!! And to properly wash my hair was heaven!! And to wear clean clothes! All ordinary things we take for granted.


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  1. Abby
    Jun 08, 2012 @ 23:25:04

    Great post! I can really sense the relief you must have felt after that first shower!


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