North American Tour-Day 16

We left Cookshire-Eton & drove to upper New York state in the Finger Lake region. It was a long drive & a long day. It’s still cold, plus we ran into alot of rain for the first time on this trip. We were prepared & were wearing our rainsuits from the start & had the things on top of the trailer covered with a tarp.( Items on top the trailer-folding bag-chairs, tent, sleeping bags, small cooler.) All worked well & we & our belongings stayed dry. Plus, the jacket of the rainsuit cuts the wind, so it helps keep me warmer. It can be difficult to see when it rains very hard. I was surprised that water thrown off the trucks wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I’m wearing sneakers, so, even though they get wet (we didn’t buy shoe covers-that may be something to investigate along the way.), they dry quickly. I think we went through 5 showers, so we had time to dry between rainy stretches.

Another border crossing. It wasn’t crowded, so it didn’t take long, but the guard was surly. I don’t see why they can’t be at least slightly pleasant to people coming through.

We had a couple tolls to pay. The problem with this was that I have been keeping money in the pocket of my motorcycle jacket for accessibility. The rain jacket doesn’t have an opening to get to the jacket pocket, nor does it have pockets of it’s own. So, when we got to the toll booth, I had to get off the motorcycle, undo my rainsuit, then give them their money. Then redo the rainsuit (not easy with my helmet on-can’t see the zipper!), & get back on the motorcycle. Lucky for the drivers behind us that no one got impatient & beeped at us-I did all this as fast as I could, but I can be really passive-aggressive & can do it alot slo-o-o-wer!

We arrived @ the home of Steve’s friends, Peter & Pat, that evening. They were so hospitable & had wine, cheese, & crackers to share with us. Their home is a lovely old house on Cayuga Lake, one of the Finger Lakes. Built in the early 1800’s, it was extensively remodeled in the mid-1900’s. They have photos showing the home at both stages, given to them by the family of the previous owners.

We’ll stay here tomorrow & tomorrow night.



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