North American Tour-Day 17

Peter & Pat took us on a tour of the Finger Lake region. It’s a beautiful area with rolling hills & lakes. Lots of vineyards because of the climate in this particular area. It’s lower & between 2 lakes, so has a microclimate that’s perfect for the growing of grapes. Peter says this is Napa Valley in it’s adolescence. Plus, there are many Amish & Mennonite families  coming to this area from  Lancaster, PA, because of the availability  of land to buy. Being good neighbors,  goods & services provided for & by them, are now available to all the area, plus it keeps this area agricultural.

There are many lovely homes along the lake, new, old, & old & remodeled. Hotels & B&B’s. One hotel is the former home of the Westinghouse Family-we did go inside to look around. The rooms are surprisingly reasonable & furnished with wonderful antiques. (I don’t remember the name of the place.)

We went to a hard cider place & tasted some good stuff there. Then we went to another winery & had lunch, including some of their wine. We also went to the Taughannock waterfall. It’s the highest waterfall in the East (Niagara is larger, with more water volume, but is not as high.)

It was a chilly, rainy, day, so was a great day for a car tour.

Peter, Pat, me, & Steve


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