North American Tour-Day 21

Today we planned a short ride through Memphis in order to reach the motel early where we had made reservations. Memphis is right on the Mississippi River (I didn’t know that) & the motel is just across the river in West Memphis, Arkansas. We wanted to be able to leave the trailer @ the motel so we could take just the motorcycle to Graceland that afternoon. Luckily, when we arrived, the room was available & we put all our stuff in there & even rested a little. Steve chain-locked the trailer to a support post.

Graceland will be it’s own post.

For supper, we wanted to try the famous Memphis BBQ. Steve went online & found the best that was recommended, a restaurant called Corky’s. The ribs were very good-he had wet sauce & I tried the dry rub that apparently Memphis is noted for. (I like wet better) I had a hankering for pecan pie, which they had-OMG it was wonderful, the best I’ve had. I could have had it with ice cream, believe it or not, but I passed on that-it was served with whipped cream on top. I would have licked the bowl (it was a gigantic piece, shared with Steve) if I’d been @ home!

Thank Heaven for the GPS, we found our way back to the motel!


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