In  the mid-50’s, I was 11 or 12 or close. I liked Pat Boone @ that time, thought he was so cute. My Long Branch,NJ, cousins, Betty & Joan, said I just HAD to hear this new singer, Elvis Presley. What’s his name? my first question!! But, from the minute I heard the first song, I was hooked. I thought then, & still do today, that he was THE BEST!

I didn’t see all his movies, I didn’t buy all his records, but I did see & buy some. We bought 45’s back then & carried our collections to parties & friends’ houses (I still have mine!!). Later, we bought LP’s & I still have my Elvis ones of those, too. I saw his TV performances whenever I could, & loved the  special from Hawaii & the  ’68 special when he wore the black leather jumpsuit.

I’ve wanted to visit Graceland as long as it’s been open to tours. What a thrill to be able to go there on this trip. And to go with someone who wasn’t going to whine about it!!

And I really was thrilled. I enjoyed seeing the house & really wasn’t interested in much else that was there. I wasn’t disappointed & was touched to see a home where he & his friends & family would’ve spent their free time. Some people say it’s gaudy…if anyone else remembers that time & the home decorations we all had, it was all gaudy!! Avocado green & harvest gold appliances & that awful shag carpet that had to be raked!!! Graceland was a place that you could imagine was lived-in, not like some of the celebrity homes you see today-all decorated by someone else & uncomfortable-looking. By today’s standards, the kitchen was actually quite small.

In the ticket lobby, it’s packed with people of all ages, from all over the world. They run a pretty efficient operation. A shuttle takes people across the street to the house. Everyone is issued headphones with a special player & you push buttons as indicated for recorded tour information. Works better than trying to listen to a tour guide. I especially enjoyed hearing reminiscences by his daughter, Lisa.

I took photos of the gravesites, but didn’t post them-it just didn’t seem respectful. I actually got a little teary @ the memorial garden, but it is tastefully done. Elvis, his parents, & his grandmother are buried there. He had a twin brother who died @ birth-he’s buried elsewhere, but there is a memorial plaque there for him.

Graceland-it was all I could have wished for. I still miss Elvis.


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  1. abby
    Jun 23, 2012 @ 08:59:35

    Great post! I’ve never been a huge fan of Elvis, but you know, I kind of get it now. I mean, he was a historical figure and so important to music. 🙂


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