North American Tour-Days 23 through 26

We are now in Plano, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. It’s hot!!! In the high 90’s-just last week, I was freezing! We staying with, & visiting with, Steve’s cousins. These are relatives on his mother’s side-there’s Marty & Sylvia, & their daughter & son-in-law, Arleen & Joe. We’ve been visiting between the 2 houses, not far apart, & staying with Arleen. Also @ Arleen & Joe’s house is their son, Jake, who’s home from college for the summer & interning @Joe’s company. (Joe is in the home construction business, high-end homes) There’s a new addition to the family, Sako, a yellow, black-mouthed cur (dog) that Jake bought & brought home the same day we arrived. This is a dog specifically trained to hunt & corner wild boars. Jake is an avid hunter & fisherman, anything involving the outdoors, I think. Sako had a difficult couple of days adjusting to all the new people & living in a different environment, but he’s slowly accepting all of us.

This is a very busy household, even on quiet days like this week. The construction business is run out of their home, & Arleen has her own decorating business out of her home, also. Plus, they’re in the process of selling their house. They put the house on the market last Friday, had a bidding war between 2 buyers, & were under contract Sunday!! So now the negotiations begin-who has to do what. And, the process of buying another house has begun. Thankfully, they had found a house they liked before this one sold.

Plus, they belong to a very active & involved church & have meetings a couple times a week. They mentor a premarital counseling group & are involved in another couples group. Their church started small & is now huge, but involves it’s members in every aspect. We went to a service Sunday night. It’s a high-powered showbiz-y service, but the message was right-on & meaningful.

Tonight we’re staying with Marty & Sylvia. Also, Marty had cataract surgery yesterday-was very comfortable last night & was to see the doctor today. Then tomorrow, we leave Dallas to go to Houston to visit Marty’s brother, Sam, & his wife, Leslie.

What a blessing to be able to visit family.

So far, we’ve traveled 3912 miles, 2912 on the motorcycle. (1000 miles was to & from the Canadian fishing camp.)

The adventure continues after a brief respite .

(The lower photo is of Jake & Sako-I couldn’t get the caption to appear.)

Marty & Steve


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  1. abby
    Jun 23, 2012 @ 08:57:35

    I didn’t realize how far you had to travel to get to the Canadian fishing camp! Wow!


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