North American Tour-additional comments

There are some things I forgot to mention along the way.

It’s long been the custom for motorcycle riders to wave to each other. I guess about 99% of riders do it, I think the others don’t because they don’t think it’s cool. I wave @ everyone, just sayin’!

When we drove from NY to Ohio’s Lake Erie, I was struck by the amount of land in the upper part of Pennsylvania growing grapes. Miles & miles on both sides of the highway with nothing but grapes. Steve said he thought alot of the grapes belonged to Welch’s. I don’t know.

My hair vs. the motorcycle helmet. When we went to Canada, Steve forgot to bring along his haircutting scissors. My hair was really long for me, past the usual haircut time. And after Canada, starting the motorcycle part of the trip again, whenever I took off my helmet, my hair was smashed-down in places & going every-which-way in others! What a mess! Finally, he had a chance to cut it in Ohio-it’s easier to do it outside, no hair all over inside. That was done @ dusk, so he’s had to take scissors to it a couple times since. Right now, it’s nice & short all over, so looks as good as possible after wearing a helmet all day.

I found it’s very difficult to take photos while riding on the back of the motorcycle. That’s why there aren’t many/any of scenery. I do have a chain attached to the wrist-cord, so I’m less likely to drop it. But, by the time I see something to photograph, turn the camera on, focus…we’re way past it!! Or a car/truck goes by just then! Oh well, I’m still trying.


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  1. abby
    Jun 23, 2012 @ 08:55:11

    Hhaha! Well I’m glad you got your hair cut! Madeline took me to a her Dominican Hair salon this week. She did a very good job but commented it had been too long since my last cut (opps!).


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