North American Tour-Days 27-30

Steve’s cousins, Sam & Leslie, live in the town of Tomball. This was once a small town somewhere outside Houston. When folks were looking for more affordable housing, they discovered Tomball. Now, the once quiet town has lots of houses, people, stores, new roads & traffic! Sam drove us around the area & took us through the original town, just one main street, really. There is also a section with quite a few small shops that are busy with tourists & locals buying out-of-the-ordinary things. Looked interesting, but, traveling on the motorcycle does restrict purchases. Probably just as well, since all these souvenirs could be hazardous to my wallet!!?

The houses I’ve seen in both Dallas/Plano & Houston are very nice, almost all with enclosed back yards with high wooden fences. About 99% have sprinkler systems, so their yards are well-tended & green. I told them in Hagerstown, most homes don’t have sprinkler systems (I guess except the bigger, newer ones) & in the summer, when it’s hot & dry, we just let the grass go dormant. Yes, it’s brown & looks dead, but it greens-up when it rains. They were surprised. Last year, there were drought conditions in Texas, so water use was restricted & people could only water once a week. This year they’ve had some rain, so they are able to water more often.

We stayed @ Sam & Leslie’s until yesterday. Had nice meals @ some local restaurants & good dessert @ a yogurt place. The yogurt place had every kind of flavor & topping that one could imagine! You got a cup, put in whatever you wanted, then paid by the weight. Great stuff for those of us with a sweet tooth!

Leaving Tomball yesterday morning

Sam, Leslie, & Ollie’s home

Sam, Leslie, & Ollie

, we were headed NW to Guadalupe River State Park, only to find they were completely full! They directed us to a nearby RV park that did have camping space available. So, that’s where we spent last night. We headed out this morning, again NW, to Abilene, where we’re checked-in @ a motel.

It was a nice ride today, but we did run into a few showers. It didn’t get us soaked & it did lower the temperature a bit, thankfully. I like Texas & most Texans (I do love the South, they are alot more cordial than other parts of the country, I’m sorry, but it is true!), but it is way too hot here for me. It’s been in the high 90’s & up in to the 100’s since we’ve been here. We went through the hill country of Texas, & that’s been my favorite part, scenically. I do remember alot of the town names from when I lived in San Antonio about a million years ago! We were on secondary roads mostly & went through Boerne & Fredricksburg, which remain small, interesting towns. By the way, the speed limit on the interstates here is 75 & it’s 70 on secondary roads, which are all very well maintained. Tomorrow, we have to go to a motorcycle store to get a new helmet for Steve-the visor on his is almost too scratched to see through. There’s a Harley/Yamaha place just down the road from the motel, so that’ll be convenient. Then it’ll be onward west again.


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  1. abby
    Jun 23, 2012 @ 08:51:37

    Hope you’ve gotten to cool down a bit! Still enjoying your blog. 🙂 -Abby


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