North American Tour-Day 37 through 39

Here we are @ Ivins, Utah @ the lovely home of Ellen & Arnie. Their home is located in the desert, close to mountains. What a scene to look @ daily! Their home is built to blend in with the landscape surrounding it, not blocking anyone else’s view. Little creatures abound, we’ve even seen a family of quail!. They’ve seen a bobcat family around their house & heard coyotes. Others have seen mountain lions.

Monday, June 25, Day 38, we went to Zion Canyon & the Grand Canyon.

Ellen & Arnie’s home

Ellen & Arnie. Ellen & Arnie have driven us all around the area. What a treat for us-they know where to go to see the best views of everything! One runs out of adjectives to describe all this-enormous, spectacular, dramatic, beautiful, haunting…

Today, Day 39 we went to Bryce Canyon. At the risk of blasphemy, I like Bryce better than the Grand Canyon!! It seems more approachable, more personal, less grand, but still more interesting in it’s scenery. All these carved stone structures, formed by water & wind. All different. All colors.

We’ll be here through tomorrow,Wednesday, leaving Thursday. And we have clean clothes again!!! Thank heaven for family that lets us do laundry!!


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  1. abby
    Jul 09, 2012 @ 21:53:00

    I like how their home is just built into the landscape–same colors and shapes!


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