North American Tour-Day 40

We continued in Ivins, Utah @ the home of Ellen & Arnie. Having a lovely & comfortable home, they had originally built a casita or guest house for Arnie’s father, who lived with them until his death. This is now a guest house for visitors, like us. Has an eat-in kitchen, living room with a futon, & bathroom with shower. Very comfortable & we’re not intruding on their time or space.

Today we got an early start, drove through McDonald’s for some breakfast, & headed for Zion Canyon. We had driven through part of Zion Monday, but today, we went into the park. We took a very comfortable shuttle bus through the park to the last stop. This was a hiking path to the Narrows of the Virgin River. Since we got there early, the path was shaded & a very comfortable temperature.

On the path, we saw squirrels, a prairie dog, several deer, & assorted birds. There were sections where water was seeping through the rocks, running down the rock face, growing flowers & plants in unusual places. Then we got to the river & walked through the water on rocks & sand upstream for awhile. The water was really cold, made my toes numb @ first until I got used to it. Steve walked further than I did, up to where the canyon got very narrow. One can see why it’s so important to keep an eye on the weather in this area. People have died after being caught in a storm when the river rose suddenly-there’s nowhere to escape.

Listening to the conversations of the many visitors around us, one can hear numerous languages. And it’s fun to talk to people along the path & in the bus. Fellow riders/walkers ask where others are going & where they’ve been. We spoke with people today from Philadelphia & Atlanta. Also compared notes with a couple traveling around the country in an RV & another older couple traveling in a 1930-something Chevy.

We plan to leave early tomorrow morning & proceed to Wasatch State Park, still in Utah.


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