Great American Tour-Day 41

This day we left Ivins, Utah & rode to Wasatch Mountain State Park. Poor Colorado & Utah-so many fires still burning. Not far outside St. George, we saw a fairly large burned area still smoldering, including a telephone pole completely burned & still smoking! A few pieces of fire equipment were still in the area. The closer we got to Provo, the more smoke was in the air. Sometimes the mountains on either side of the road were obscured by the smoky haze.

Nice campground there & we were close to the bathrooms (can be important @ a certain age!!). And they had showers-we ask for so little!

The park is close to a charming small town called Midway. Lovely homes decorated in alpine themes. We ate @ a great small restaurant-had really good pizza & tried the local beers, which were also really good. The restaurant had a singer playing during the evening-he sang alot of the songs from the 60’s & 70’s-loud enough to hear, soft enough to be unobtrusive.

We’ve seen alot of rental RV’s on this trip. I don’t know what they cost, but alot of people are using them.


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