Great American Tour-Days 42 & 43

Grand Tetons


mother moose & her 2 calves

On Day 42, we left the Wasatch mountains & rode to the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming,where we stayed  for 2 days. Yes, the mountains were impressive, but I was more thrilled seeing a female moose & her 2 calves!

At this park, we saw bison (not buffaloes-those are in Asia & Africa only!), moose, antelope, mule deer, & lots of smaller critters. We took a hike of about 2 miles & later met 2 Brits who were BICYCLING across the US!

We’ve starting cooking in the camp-coffee & donuts or oatmeal for breakfast & supper heat-up things. The little propane stove has been in the trailer & we decided to use it.

I still have difficulty sleeping in the sleeping bag. After turning over a few times, I’m all tangled-up. Plus the sleeping bag slides off the air mattress & I find myself on the lumpy ground! And I lose track of the zipper-if I need to exit in a hurry, I’ll have to climb out the top!


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