Great American Tour-Days 44 & 45

Old Faithful geyser

On Day 44, we rode the short distance to Yellowstone National Park. There was along line of people @ the entrance to the park.  An electronic board indicating which campgrounds had openings & they were filling-up fast! So, we hustled to the first available campground & did find a nice space. This had a pit toilet nearby, but no showers. We stayed here 2 days, also.

The rangers here are very, very strict about what is left out in the camp when unattended. Bears are here-black & grizzly. A grizzly bear was seen walking through the campground where we stayed a couple days earlier. One cannot leave out food, coolers, or luggage with cosmetics or perfume. Your belongings can be confiscated & you can be fined if this stuff is found @ your camp. Our camping neighbor had several things confiscated & they would’ve had to pay a fine if the rangers hadn’t been too busy to come out! Luckily, they got their things back the next day.

Here, we saw bison, moose, elk, mule deer, & antelope. Didn’t see any bear, which was alright with me!

The first day, we went to see Old Faithful & were not disappointed. In the same area, there are a bunch of other geysers. The visitors center has a list of times they’re all supposed to do their thing, but we didn’t go there, & just wandered around. There’s a huge crowd when Old Faithful is due, so that’s easy to figure out. Some of the other ones are just as impressive. It’s just an interesting place to walk around.

The next day, we took a ride to a different part of the park-the place is huge!! A couple million acres. Forests, burned-out forests (they had a devastating fire in the 90’s that eliminated alot of animal environment just now coming back), rivers with cut-throat trout (visible in some places when they jump out of the water), lakes, grassy fields, marshes, lots of animals. There are alot of thermal pools, steaming places, steaming bubbling smelly places, bubbling mud pits, weird stuff! A really enjoyable relaxing day.

For as many people that are probably visiting the park, you don’t feel crowded in any of the areas, the place is just so big! There are alot of camping areas, lodges, stores, & gas stations.

One person we met was a woman from Alaska, driving a 3-wheeler, who made an annual ride alone from Alaska to Texas to visit her daughter.


the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

It was sunny & comfortable during the day, but got down in the high 40’s @ night! I had to dig out the flannel pj’s & sweatshirt!


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