North American Tour-Day 46

Today we’ve traveled 7,500 miles-1000 by truck in Canada & 6500 miles on the motorcycle.

We left Yellowstone in chilly weather this morning. The drive out the east entrance & down through the mountains was one of the most beautiful of the whole trip. Outside Yellowstone is the Shoshone National Forest. Right alongside the road is unmelted snow! Lots of running water cascading down the rocks beside the road-little waterfalls. The road follows several rivers that sparkle in the sunlight.

As we continued through Wyoming, it got warmer & warmer, then downright HOT!!! Just like that drive through Utah! It reached 106 degrees! Yikes, & we started in cold weather!

Went through Cody, Wyoming, which is celebrating Cody Stampede Days & a rodeo. We followed a parade through town before we found a McDonald’s where we could finally check our email. Steve also wanted to find a motel for the night & to plot the address into the GPS. Later, we stopped @ a gas station, where we filled up on cold liquids, & I wet-down my cooling scarf (it was too cold this morning to soak it!) Further on, we stopped for a beer & chatted with a man & woman each on their own Harley who were headed in the opposite direction. We exchanged road information & commiserated about the heat!

Here we are in a Motel 6, in Buffalo, Wyoming. We both enjoyed a good tub soak, then had supper @ Pizza Hut. Ah, to sleep in a real bed!! Luxury! And looking forward to a shower tomorrow. I think we head into Montana tomorrow.

Other than the heat, the mountains here are different from any of the others. Older, with caves & formations. It did get cooler as we traveled through the mountains & it was greener than earlier in the ride. We passed fields of fragrant clover with what looked like beehives along the edges. And we startled 2 young pronghorn antelope along the side of the road.

Hopefully we’ll get to see fireworks tomorrow night somewhere.


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  1. José Bernard
    Jul 08, 2012 @ 17:47:43

    Dear JoAnn and Steve, we read your blogs with interest and find ourselves commenting them… But never replying…
    So glad you got to see your moose my dear!!!
    What à good idea to borrow the mosquito nets…!!!
    Sleeping bags are like strait jackets or mens swimsuits in the surf=not very practical wears…guess you’ll have to find à way to live with it or “earn the right ” to a hôtel (luxury) stay…Ha!Ha!
    PLEASE keep writing ,we so enjoy having a bit of an idea of your wonderful adventure.
    Question: How the hell Will you be able to stay put when you finish this adventure?
    We beleive you will miss the wide open spaces and the riding…


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