North American Tour-Day 47

Today, we left Wyoming, land of cattle, horses, pick-up trucks, & boots. Had a pleasant ride into South Dakota, past the Black Hills & Badlands.

We stopped in a park in Rapid City, South Dakota, for lunch. In this park, they had a memorial to the Berlin Wall, with alot of interesting information & photos. They also had 2 actual pieces of the Wall.

While we were there, we realized we were only about 30 miles from Mount Rushmore & decided to take a slight detour to see it. We passed some really tacky stores, souvenir shops, miniature golf places, petting zoos, etc. Luckily, we had a really clear view of the carvings & didn’t have to enter the park. I was glad I was able to see that.

We’re staying in a motel in Kadoka, South Dakota. Quite a small town. I think there’s a main street somewhere, but we weren’t able to find it when we took a little ride after supper. It’s a simple, clean motel with breakfast in the morning.

Tomorrow, we’ll proceed to Tyndale, where Steve’s friend, Bill, lives. Steve met Bill in Costa Rica when he (Steve) was there by himself, looking for a place for us to live.

There are still so many fires burning in these western states, most towns have cancelled their firework displays. Believe it or not, fireworks are still being sold, though they’re not supposed to be used here. Right!!

And, I almost forgot to mention-I added photos to several older entries if anyone wants to check, starting with the “Canyon” blog.

The first photo here is of the 2 pieces of the Berlin Wall in Rapid City-for some reason I couldn’t add captions.



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