North American Tour-Days 48 & 49

Yesterday, we left Kadoka @ a reasonable hour & proceeded across South Dakota to Tyndall. We met several motorcycle riders @ the motel where we stayed. 2 couples had ridden 12 hours from Illinois that day!!! Granted, they were on big bikes & the women had the seats with backrest & armrests, but that’s still way too long to ride, @ least for Steve & me. It’s still hot! They just wanted to be sure their rooms were air-conditioned!!!

Seeing dark clouds up ahead when we got gas, we covered the things on top the trailer with the tarp & put on out rainsuit jackets. (in case I haven’t mentioned it, bungeed on top the trailer are 2 bag-chairs, the tent, 2 sleeping bags, & the small cooler.) We did run into a little rain, but it didn’t amount to much. Afterward, it got really humid, as well as hot, so, off came the rainjackets.

On the way through South Dakota, we kept seeing signs about every half mile for “Wall Drugs”. They were advertising everything! Cold water free, free coffee & donuts for honeymooners & veterans, 5 cent coffee… Steve’s friend, Bill, had said we should stop just to see the place. So, when we got to Wall, SD, we did go there. We were looking for something & thought, of all places, this store should have what we were looking for. Steve had bought a cooling scarf @ WalMart before we left on our trip & had worn it everyday. Well, during that hellish ride through the desert in Utah, it blew off!!! So, here we were @ Wall Drug, on a mission. This place is huge & wandering! There are stores selling various things, all opening into each other-a souvenir shop (where you can buy a gen-u-ine coonskin cap for $20-made in China!!?), a camping supply shop, jewelry store, cafe, western art room, rock-hunting supplies, t-shirt shop…we didn’t go into every room. I just went & asked a clerk for what we wanted & sure enough, they had them!! And made right here in SD-more expensive than the first one, but nicer. (I had also gotten one originally, but the material was red & I couldn’t get the color to stop running. I have a white motorcycle jacket & figured it would be ruined by the red color, so I threw it out. I later regretted this when it got so hot. Leslie,the wife of Steve’s cousin, Sam,  had a cooling scarf made in Arizona that she had never worn, & gave it to me. What a blessing!!! And I like the colors, too. It feels wonderful when it’s so hot!)

So, we took our purchase & proceeded to Tyndall, where we’re staying with Steve’s friend, Bill.

Last evening for supper, we went to the corner bar downtown & had the best mushroom swiss hamburger I’ve ever had! And great french fries, too-done just right by our waitress/cook. While we were there, there was a downpour. People inside went outside, just to stand in the rain, it had been so dry for so long! It did cool it down some. Bill then took us around town a little & down to the Missouri River. There we met a man who was just sitting on a bench enjoying the evening. We got to talking, & he told us stories that were told to him by his grandparents-his great-grandparents had settled here before the Civil War (or, according to the Southern states-the War of Northern Aggression!) His great-grandmother had cared for Custer’s horse after Custer was killed & it’s buried on their land. He’s also seen fossils & other interesting things around this area. It’s so interesting to talk to people who have lived in an area for generations-not too many of us do that anymore (live in one area all our life, that is.)

Steve & Bill were going to go fishing this evening, but it was just too hot today. They’re hoping it’ll be cooler tomorrow. I think we’re leaving here Sunday morning & heading East.


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  1. abby
    Jul 09, 2012 @ 21:46:43

    I was worried about you guys and all the heat! It got to be about 106 here! Yikes!


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