North American Tour-Days 50 & 51

Yesterday we remained in Tyndall, SD, staying with Steve’s friend, Bill. That evening, Steve & Bill went fishing along the Missouri River. Steve caught a catfish & a raging case of chiggers! He’s really itching today!!! Plus, they got back late & in bed about 2AM, so it was a late sleep-in day.

Also while @ Bill’s, he & I sat @ the computer & he introduced me to several wonderful singers I had never heard of before. He has an enormous collection of records-45’s, LP’s, & even 75’s. He’s found he can find any song/singer he wants to listen to on YouTube. We even found some obscure songs I had liked back in the day!

Today, we rode from Tyndall to Des Moines, Iowa. It was a pleasant day to ride-the temperature is down & it was slightly overcast. There was a little rain to start, but it didn’t last, so we removed the rain jackets we started in @ the first break stop @ a McDonalds. We also discovered that we finally have a cell phone signal, so Steve was able to talk some with his daughter, Abby, & catch up a little with her. Later, I was able to call my daughter-in-law, Tonya, & make plans to stay with them @ their house outside Detroit, Michigan,this week.

Traveled past rolling hills & field after field of corn & soybeans. These fields looked alot better than those in SD, some were being irrigated. Farmers in SD are worried about their grain crops & associated jobs with the continued drought there. When we went through Arkansas & Texas we saw a crop called milo or sorghum-it’s about knee-high with an orange-red seed top & is used for animal feed. Learning all kinds of interesting things.

As we rode through Iowa, we passed an area with alot of wind turbines. I think they look so graceful, like dancers. I do wonder why more areas don’t have them-so many are so windy, seems like they’re wasting the wind!

We’ve encountered the usual summer crop of orange cones (road work throughout the US!). No traffic back-up so far, though.

We’re luxuriating in another motel. (not really luxurious, but is to me compared to camping!!!) I really think Steve would have been miserable in the heat with the bites he has, so the air-conditioning is appreciated. We had a good supper of Chinese food @ a restaurant next door to the motel. We were worried about the restaurant, since there was no one else there when we arrived-you know, the usual rule is-eat @ the restaurant with the most cars in the parking lot. But, thankfully, it turned out to be an exception to the rule.

Seeing the trucks on the road today reminded me-in Utah, we saw a large number of triple-trailers. Semi’s with not 2, but 3 trailers! That’s the only state we’ve seen them.

Riding the motorcycle, I’m getting a strange tan lines. Since I wear my jacket almost all the time, my hands are real brown. Also, I bought a neat pair of sport shoes in Texas that I’ve been wearing-they’re low & real light & porous, so are very cool, but have thin straps along the top, causing a crisscross pattern on the top of my foot. Looks odd with flipflops!!

I think we should almost reach Indiana tomorrow, if all goes well. We’re @ the point in our trip that we’re ready to be home. Hopefully we’ll be in Hagerstown by the end of the week. And, we bought our return tickets for Costa Rica-August 9th. I’ll just be glad to be back in Hagerstown & spend some quality time with my cats!! This all has been a wonderful experience, but there’s no place like home…


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