North American Tour-Finale

We had a great visit with the family in Michigan. The children are all growing like weeds & Justin is now taller than both his mother & grandmother! This was the first we’d seen their present house & it’s lovely. Everyone has their own bedroom & are getting alot of use out of the backyard pool.

Our visit to Michigan lasted 2 days & it was nice to spend a whole day with the family. Tonya took Wednesday off work & we were also able to see Arya,Chris’ daughter.

Leaving Bloomfield Thursday morning,the original plan was to stop at a campground in Ohio for the night. Well, as we stopped for a food/bathroom break, we decided to go all the way to Hagerstown. It was agreed that we would stop at a motel if Steve got too tired to continue.

So,  that was what we did. Our last stop was at a McDonald’s in Breezewood, PA & we continued on to Hagerstown without any difficulty. At McDonald’s we had an interesting meeting with a husband & wife who had taken a cross-country trip by motorcycle last year. They each rode their own motorcycle & part of the trip was on the old Route 66. Unlike us,they stayed in motels along the way & went clear to California. (Originally, we had planned to go to California, but had amended that decision. At the end, we were glad we didn’t go that far.) We arrived at our home around 9:30PM & were glad to be home & sleeping in our own bed. And I think the cats were happy to see us, too!

We rode through 16 states over 52 days for 8800 miles. Quite an accomplishment,if I do say so myself! I had a fabulous time & ran out of adjectives to describe all that we saw. It was wonderful to meet Steve’s family that I hadn’t met before & to again see those that I had. Everyone was so hospitable & we appreciated the time they spent with us.

Riding a motorcycle apparently makes one approachable,because we had so many conversations with strangers. They wanted to know where we had been, where we were going next, & how we were doing. We compared notes with other riders, & alot of people were interested in the trailer & how it handled.  Local residents gave us suggestions on places to visit in their area-unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to see many of those. Places for another trip? Who knows?

It was the trip of a lifetime. I was so lucky to have the time, the opportunity, & the companion to accomplish it. All that time, all those decisions, & we’re still speaking!! And planning our next adventure…




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