Back in Costa Rica

We returned to CR in the beginning of  this month. Since we were robbed again (they took Steve’s motorcycle!), we immediately began looking for another house to rent. Unfortunately,the rental market was pretty slim this year. We had thought, since this was the rainy season, we would be able to find lots of reasonably-priced houses to choose from-not so!! So, we used our realtor, plus word-of-mouth from friends, &  friends of friends-saw a number of places. Some well-priced, but much too small,some just not suitable.  There was one place,nice, hot water throughout, with a fenced yard & in town. But,it had a teeny, tiny kitchen. I liked it, & we were going to see it for a second time. But,our realtor had a house in the country for us to see. As soon as Steve saw the kitchen,that was the end of looking!! Lots of cupboards, full-size oven,full size refrigerator/freezer. Semi-furnished & more $.

So,that’s where we are now.It is a lovely house, or would be if the owner took care of it. Has an 8-foot wall surrounding the property with a remote-controlled gate in front. Has a POOL!!! (I always wanted a pool,but had no room for one when I was married.Plus,in the US, one can only use a pool for a short time. Here,a pool can be used year-round.) The yard is all grass, so the dogs can run all around & don’t get muddy anymore-we were forever cleaning the floors in the other house! Steve enjoys the outside work,taking care of the yard & the pool. The pool was a mess when we moved-in,but now it looks great & we’ve been in every day. It’s nice not to have to go anywhere,just put on your suit & jump in!

The house still needs work done.The roof has 2 places where it leaks when it rains hard, & it does that almost every day! The toilet leaked & she did have someone fix that. The sink leaks as well as the counter around the sink. Some of the drapes don’t pull correctly. There is a Jacuzzi tub in the master bath-the motor didn’t work,so some men removed it to be fixed elsewhere. The owner is supposedly a businesswoman & is so busy-I would never think of renting a house that needs all this. She tries to fix things herself & does everything on the cheap! There are just alot of little things,like holes in the ceiling & torn curtains that I just wouldn’t put up with. Even the bed has a torn vinyl cover on the head & footboards. So, we’re fixing some things ourselves-we replaced the non-working stove hood.Put in a new kitchen ceiling light.

The owner is supposed to be here this week to do some more things inside. It already looks alot better now than when we moved in. Plus,we had to buy quite alot of things-lamps,sheets, dishes & glasses. Remember,it was semi-furnished! It’s difficult here to find reasonably-priced used furniture or appliances. Things are expensive to start with,so when selling,people ask way too much. So, we still have some things we’re looking for.

But,we’re growing to like it here. We’re in a regular Tico neighborhood & have already met some of our neighbors. Actually,we live next to the landlady’s mother, & next to her is the landlady’s sister & brother-in-law.

More later about some differences here.

our new house

our backyard & pool


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    Sep 18, 2012 @ 17:03:40

    Looks like a nice place, where is it at ? The fix it jobs can keep you busy and give you something to do

    Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2012 04:40:21 +0000 To:


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