Costa Rica Road Trip

Today we had to venture into unknown territory, driving-wise! Steve bought a new  motorcycle. There are papers to be signed, requiring an attorney. The place where he bought the ‘cycle had no attorney, so an appointment was made for 11AM today to see their attorney, whose office was in another store, in another city, close to San José.

Steve checked maps as much as he could, considering that nowhere is CR has an address. So, we set off 2 hours early,in the direction he thought we should go. No street signs,no road signs, no route number signs,no signs even to tell you what town you’re in!!! I quit counting how many people he had to ask for directions! He also called the attorney a few times to narrow it down. We went this way,then we went back the way we came, we meandered over alot of roads & through alot of traffic until we arrived @ our destination only 10 minutes late (considered on time or even a little early by CR standards!!).

But,  we weren’t finished with our adventure!! We had found an inexpensive desk on Craig’s list & we next had to find where the seller lived. Another series of phone calls (thank heaven for cell phones!!) & asking directions of people on the street. After finally meeting her & going to her condominium, we saw the desk,paid the agreed-upon price,& she told us she also had a coffee table & end table for sale if we wanted to see them. Well, we had been looking on Craig’s list for these items, also. So, we ended up buying all 3 items from her for a good price. We have found it to be difficult to buy used furniture/household items here. People want too much money for used products. Of course,alot of things are more expensive to begin with,so people ask alot for them,unrealistically,when they decide to sell.

We treated ourselves to lunch @ TGIF!!  Worth every colon!



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