New House (continued)

We have a few “house geckos”,it seems. They make a chattering sound once in a while & sometimes answer each other. Sounds more like a bird-“tch, tch,tch…”. I don’t mind them inside,though. They eat insects & are supposed to be good luck & indicate that a house is “harmonious”.

The roof still leaks-I’m tired of having to keep the furniture moved out from the wall & keep towels on the floor. It leaks whenever it rains & it rains every day!

The shower in the hall has a “suicide shower” that the first handyman broke when he tried to fix it. The landlady is supposed to buy & install a new unit.

The Jacuzzi motor is still @ a fixit shop somewhere.

The drapes don’t work in the bedroom-the land lady is supposed to fix that. The drapes here in my computer room are torn-I think I’ll suggest that I just cut them off above the tears-couldn’t look any worse!

We hired an electrician & installed a new ceiling light in the kitchen & a new range hood with light & fan. Previous to that, the only light in the kitchen was a 40 watt bulb mounted on the ceiling (& they’re high ceilings!!) In order to see to cook, Steve brought in the floor lamp we bought for the living room. The old range hood was there,but had no buttons & had just a wire hanging down. So, we’ve had to do some things ourselves just to be comfortable here.

The landlady says the workmen are supposed to return tomorrow to do some things here. We’ll  see, no breath-holding!!

She had to buy a washing machine for the house since that was stipulated in the rental contract. We think she must have bought the cheapest thing on the market!! It is all plastic, & not automatic in any way. I fill the washer side, turning off the water when @ the right level. Then set the time to agitate. Then drain the water & put the clothes in the spinner. Then fill the washer again for the rinse. Then put the clothes back into the washer & set the time to agitate. Then empty the washer & put the clothes back in the spinner. I will say that the spin does get the clothes quite dry,so they don’t take as long to line-dry. There’s been a learning curve with all this. You can’t use much detergent or it’ll never rinse out. And,if you put small light things on top when spinning,they’ll get thrown out & go down inside,alongside the basket. Hard to get out-I used a long set of kitchen tongs, then had to fashion a wire hanger hook to retrieve the tongs when THEY fell in!!! Good thing I have skinny wrists & hands,even so,they were all scraped-up after these adventures! Good thing I’m retired & have plenty of time for all this!

suicide shower

We did buy an electric dryer,making me feel like a spoiled gringa! I just didn’t want to have to re-wash all the clothes when they don’t dry & get moldy when it rains all day later.


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