The Roof

Today, as promised,the landlady/owner came with the workers @ about 8:30AM. They were here to fix the roof…but, first,they all had to eat breakfast. (her mother lives next-door) So,they returned awhile later, @ which time we had to open the gate for them-meaning,the dogs had to be put inside with the doors closed (they can push open the screen doors!).

The men proceeded up 2 ladders & removed sections of the roof. Then…PROBLEM,BIG PROBLEM!!! The roof sections she bought were not the same size as the old roof. The roof sections look like adobe & have wavy parts that have to match-these didn’t!

So, everyone went to lunch.

Then,later, they took the old roof sections & put them back on. While the sections were off, we could see daylight through the ceiling, so,apparently,they don’t use a sub-roof, just these metal adobe-looking pieces.

They all left afterward. We were supposed to make a list of things that needed to be done-she never looked @ the list.

So, we’ll wait for the next hard rain.It didn’t rain hard today,probably tomorrow. Wonder how many towels & buckets we’ll be needing then.

Who knows when anyone will return?

I forgot to mention in my last post,when discussing the house,that there is a room next to the master bedroom that has an “almost-door”! The room is made of glass panels with jalousie openings @ the top (the whole house has these instead of windows that open). There is no door to the outside & one can only reach this room through the master bedroom. And, the window in the next-largest bedroom looks out onto this room, which has,by the way, only a view of the wall surrounding the property. It appears that there was once a sliding door from the master bedroom to this room, which has been replaced by a wood door that doesn’t reach the other side. And it has a latch as a lock! But, of course, it doesn’t reach the door jamb, so it’s useless!!???

We’ve learned-don’t ask “why?”!!

the “almost door”!


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