Today, after church,the congregation was invited to a park where there would be the baptism of several people. We were to take a lunch for ourselves, so after breakfast this morning,I hardboiled 6 eggs to take. We packed them, as well as bottled water, some crackers & bananas.

It was a nice ceremony. The people,assorted ages,were baptized in a swimming pool they had @ the park. Everyone sang after each was baptized. The son of US friends of ours was included in the group,also a girl from Steve’s English class that has been attending since the beginning,last year.

Steve had visited the home of our pastor with the electrician we had hired who knew them. He saw several pieces of original art done by a lady from the church. We talked a bit with her @ the picnic. Turns out,she lives not far from us & we offered to take her home from the picnic. We left soon after the ceremony because it had started to thunder & we didn’t want to be in an unknown area if it started to rain hard. She invited us into her home & showed us alot of her work.It’s so original-she uses material from the environment for her pictures. It’s hard to describe what they’re like, but they are 3-dimensional due to the material used,from sand & stones to wood fibers.

We’re going to take her with us to the English lesson tomorrow evening.

It’s raining this afternoon,but not RAINING!!! No leaks noticed yet,but we’ll see as the days pass & the hard rains come through.

At the church,there’s a US pastor & his family who are based here & sponsored by a group in Texas. He has an English service one evening a week,plus they host mission groups that come to the area. He’s really a very gifted speaker & we’ve gotten to know him & his family. He heard on Friday that his father,living in Texas,had died suddenly. So,they went back Saturday for this sad time. Luckily,they had spent time in the US with family this past summer. The pastor had a moving prayer for them during the service this morning.

Cherish every moment.


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