December ( already!!)

How can it be November already?! I remember when the older folks would say how time went by so fast…well,them are now ME!!!

We’re finally pretty happy with the house after some fixes & new appliances. The roof is finally leak-free! The whole front had to be replaced. The not-automatic-anything washer broke after less than 2 months,so we bought a new one of our own-we’ll either take it if we move or sell it. And, we also bought a stove after Steve got fed-up trying to bake @ unknown temperatures in an unreliable oven. We’d take or sell that also. It’s the little things,isn’t it? Being able to put the clothes & detergent in the washer, set it,& just walk away… Don’t take as much for granted as before.

Living expenses here continue to rise. Gasoline prices were raised by the government last month & it took $130 to fill the van. There’s no competition, the price is set by the government, & the price is the same @ all gas stations. Steve’s monthly mandatory contribution to the national healthcare (CAJA) was raised 50% this month. I pay less because I belong to a group, so we’re going to see what we can do about Steve’s.

Some expats are looking @ Ecuador, Panama,or Nicaragua as the next place to live. The thought of moving to another country,with all the government agencies & paperwork to be completed again, sure doesn’t appeal to me.  Maybe it would be different if I were younger, But I can’t see doing it again @ this point in my life.

We sure do enjoy the pool! What a treat! Dama likes the water & will usually get in once. Then she’ll roll around in the grass. We’ve made sure the others can swim & know where they can reach the steps to climb out, but they don’t enjoy it as much as Dama.

The view of the mountains in our back yard is incredible & changes with each hour. Of course, now it’s still the rainy season,& the clouds roll in from all directions. We’ve met alot of our neighbors & are getting to know the area.

On Wednesday, we are returning to the US for 3 weeks. It’ll be great to see family & friends again, &, of course,spend Thanksgiving with family. I’ll also be glad to spend time in the Hagerstown house with my 2 cats. One big thing,I’ve ordered a new camera-I left mine outside overnight in the rain & ruined it!! So, that’s on my “bring back” list,among other things that are added daily,it seems.

“See” you later.      Pura Vida!


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